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Why Leader

We are a locally owned and operated family business that has been transforming outdoor living areas in Canberra and the surrounding regions since our establishment in 1987. We offer a complete design and construct facility for our customers. Brien is onsite every step of the way to create peace of mind for you and your family. The Leader team complete all works onsite themselves because we understand that it’s your home not just your house.

Please also consider the following;
  • Awards; Canberra’s most awarded pool builder.
  • Personalised service; Brien and the Leader team will lead you through, every step of the way.
  • Insurances; Leader Landscaping & Pools are fully insured including the following- Public and Products Liability, Workers Compensation and comprehensive motor vehicle and plant policies.
  • Association Memberships; we are proud and active members of the Housing Industry Association since 1989 and the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW since 1991.
  • Complete package; By using the same contractor from start to finish, you can be guaranteed the ultimate quality and outcome.
  • Regular progress updates; we will keep you fully informed with each step of the construction/installation process.
  • Pool builders of the future; Leader Landscaping & Pools has a strong tradition in training all of its staff. Over the years, we have trained and mentored many pool builders and landscapers, who have gone on to operate successful businesses of their own, in New Zealand, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We are currently training two young, exceptionally talented builders of the future.
  • Leader and the Environment; Leader Landscaping & Pools specialise in designing swimming pools that are both energy efficient and environmentally responsible, using water and power saving measures and the most advanced filtration and sanitisation systems available.
  • Family Fun; A swimming pool will be a great addition to your lifestyle, offering endless possibilities for hours of family fun for friends and family of all ages, creating invaluable memories for the future.
  • Cost; We at Leader Landscaping & Pools will make you aware of all of the associated costs up front and provide a fair price for the work to be completed by our team of professionals. 
  • Safety; Consideration of safety is paramount in the design, construction and outcome of your swimming pool. Rest assured, a Leader pool will meet Australian Standards for safety requirements – giving you peace of mind.